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Free Accountant Bookkeeping Engagement Letter Template Sample PDF Word

In case of any discrepancies, the clear wording of the letter will set things to rights again. Overall, a bookkeeping engagement letter makes a significant difference in an efficient workflow. It maintains a favorable relationship between the bookkeeper and the client. As it also eliminates miscommunication and assumption, the entire process becomes easy. An engagement letter is a soft addition for anyone looking to improve their professional approach, increase credibility, and have legally binding documents. The purpose of the bookkeeping engagement letter is to give the accountant or bookkeeper proper instructions on their role and duties.

The parties recognize they have knowingly and voluntarily agreed to waive all rights to have any such dispute determined by a jury, but otherwise retain all rights afforded under the applicable civil justice system. Your client needs to know that you are trustworthy and competent. A clear, confident accounting engagement letter helps assure potential clients that you are capable and will do a good job. Promptly sending a solid letter of engagement will also let your client know that your accounting business is well run and organized.

  • Is the scope limited to a compilation service or is the client looking for a full audit?
  • The names and addresses of the accountant/bookkeeper and the client will be listed in the letter.
  • An accountant / bookkeeping engagement letter outlines the scope of work that a professional will provide for a client and typically includes details about compensation and the project timeline.
  • If your engagement letter plainly outlines this information, it helps remove potential confusion and forgetfulness, saving you time, stress, and potentially from an upset client.
  • The client will have their private information, financial, and other records safeguarded by the terms in the letter.

Once the engagement letter is authorized, the accountant may proceed to provide services to the client. A clear, explicit engagement letter is your first line of defense when it comes to avoiding legal trouble. An engagement letter is not a binding agreement like a contract, but it’s a written paper that states your terms and conditions and eliminates confusion.

If circumstances preclude us from issuing an unqualified opinion, we will discuss the reasons with you in advance. If, for any reason, we are unable to complete the audit or are unable to form or have not formed an opinion, we may decline to express an opinion or decline to issue a report as a result of the engagement. The financial statements are the responsibility of the Company management. Management is also responsible for making all financial records and related information available to us. To hire an accountant a simple agreement must be drafted that outlines the pay and scope of work provided. Due to the accountant having access to financial accounts, it’s highly recommended to use someone that is recommended by friends or family in order to know the person being hired is trustworthy.

Accountant / Bookkeeping Engagement Letter

Engagement letters are agreements for services, just like contracts. The difference is that engagement letters are shorter and more simple. Most companies offering services like finance consulting, tax preparation, financial audits, legal advice, bookkeeping and accounting require engagement letters. A bookkeeping engagement letter, for example, is useful when a client and contractor are not willing to get involved in a heavily detailed contractual arrangement. This is commonly the case with short-term or outsourced per-project work.

  • Billing has been mentioned a few times already because its importance is paramount.
  • Our responsibility in this engagement consists of completing the bookkeeping activities outlined above with care and due diligence.
  • Once the engagement letter is authorized, the accountant may proceed to provide services to the client.
  • If circumstances preclude us from issuing an unqualified opinion, we will discuss the reasons with you in advance.

As the bookkeeping engagement letter is a written contract, it protects you from clients that keep on asking your firm to do a bit extra work within the agreed budget. A engagement letter describes the scope of work or services that your firm will render to the client. 4 easy ways to apply for an employer id number Besides the scope of services, it also includes the fee structure and the duration of the service. Bookkeepers usually get them signed by the clients before they commence their work as an acknowledgment for the accounting services provided within a specified duration.

When do I need to send a bookkeeping engagement letter to my client?

2) When you appear professional and credible, you’ll leave a good first impression and establish a good working relationship with new clients from the get go. CocoSign is an easy and affordable alternative to DocuSign, helping SMBs and professionals sign contracts 5x faster. In the amount of $________________ that shall act as an advanced payment on the Services provided by the Accountant/Bookkeeper. To act as a taxpayer’s representative, the accountant must be a CPA, registered tax agent, or attorney. While we stand behind our professional judgment and experience, our services are governed by the professional standards of the AICPA. Our responsibility in this engagement consists of completing the quarterly compilations with care and due diligence.


For renewal, simply state whether the agreement terminates automatically and when. Your engagement letter should clearly outline the services you will provide, in this case, bookkeeping, payroll, or any related service. First and foremost, your bookkeeping engagement letter should provide the date of the agreement.

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As soon as you strike an initial agreement or express interest in moving forward with a project, you should compose an engagement letter. This sets the expectation that you must work on the details before formalizing anything and starting work. These are all essential components needed in the letter of engagement. Without these, it isn’t a valid or effective accounting engagement letter.

I will depend on you to provide the information I need to prepare complete and accurate returns. I may ask you to clarify some items but will not audit or otherwise verify the data you submit. I may or may not provide a checklist to help you collect the data required for your return, and will help you avoid overlooking important information.

Ready to Create Your Engagement Letter?

Following its acquisition in 2018,
I started Future Firm to help accountants fast-track the growth of a modern, scalable accounting firm of their own. Take a look at my recommendation for the 5 best books for accounting firms looking to modernize and stay ahead of the curve. Another important aspect you must consider is how you’ll send the engagement letter to your clients. Below are the services and features included in this engagement. For full details of each service, please refer to the Service Terms section below. Bookkeeping Services Agreement – For a bookkeeper to provide general services related to organizing and submitting financial records.

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